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Comparing Fisher Price Power Wheels And Safety 1st Battery-Powered Ride-on Toys

Power wheel vehicles can be an exciting toy for your child. There is a huge selection and competition among toy manufactures. Which power wheel toy is better suited for your child? Which power wheel toy is going last and prove to be reliable for years to come? These power wheel toys aren't inexpensive, but will be worth every penny spent if you purchase the right one. I highly advise you research the power wheel toy prior to purchase. Resist the urge to impulse buy this toy. You will prevent future headache for yourself and the disappointment of your child.

Last Christmas we bought two of our children a power wheel vehicle toy. One we thoroughly investigated prior to purchase and the other we bought on impulse. It didn't take long to realize which power wheel toy was of higher quality. The other power wheel toy was a high disappointment and a continual problem with costumer service. One manufacturer we will consider buying from again and the other we will not.

Here is my assessment of Fisher Price Power Wheels vs. Safety 1st battery-powered ride-on toys. We bought the Ultimate Terrain Traction Jeep Hurricane made by Fisher Price for our son. We bought the yellow Corvette Race Car made by Safety 1st for our daughter. Both of them caught our attention right away, but which one kept or child's interest and performed with every off road excursion?

Fisher Price Ultimate Terrain Traction Jeep Hurricane

Play Features FM radio Simulated navigation system Battery charge indicator Cup holder Covered storage compartment Adjustable seat

Controls 2.5-5 mph max. Drives on hard surfaces Drives on wet grass Drives on rugged terrain High speed lock-out Power Lock Brake System

This is the power wheel vehicle toy we bought for our son. We noticed its power right off when it was started up. It picked up speed quickly by my child's control. He was still young and we liked that we could utilize the high speed lock-out. We have a grassy hill that this ultimate terrain Jeep could handle with ease. This Fisher Price Ultimate Terrain Jeep Hurricane provides hours of fun and can achieve several different excursions on the same 12 volt battery charge.

Safety 1st Corvette Race Car

Play Features FM clock radio Simulated navigation system Battery charge indicator Cup holder Headlights

Controls 2.5-5 mph max. High speed lock-out

This is the power wheel vehicle toy we bought for our daughter. This stylish car was a big hit to my daughter and she had hours of fun driving it around listening to the radio. She even had fun at night driving with her headlights on. We were impressed by this little yellow Corvette. She used up the full 12 volt battery charge the very first day after hours of play.

The second time she drove it seemed much like the first, but seemed to only have an hour of play after a full battery charge. We charged it again to the recommended time given by the owner's manual. The third time it ran on a slow speed that was not up to expectation, followed by a series of beeps indicating a low battery.

We took matters to Safety 1st customer service. After months of bad customer service and poor organization, we finally received a new battery and charger.

So far my daughter has driven the Safety 1st Corvette twice since the new battery. I hope we will get more life out of this battery. My daughter loves being able to drive her friends around in her car listening to the radio.

If I would have properly researched the Safety 1st Corvette Race Car, I would of learned how poorly rated it was. It would seem that most people were unhappy with this toy product. In fact, the history of this line of toys has been poor. I will not buy another toy of this line from them again.

Fisher Price Power Wheels prove to be top of the line. They have a history of excellence and durability. I highly recommend this toy product to anyone considering buying a power wheel vehicle toy.

By islandermom - Islandermom worked as a restaurant manager in her earlier years. Presently she is a military spouse who stays at home to care for her 4 children. She enjoys writing in her spare time.